Container type of depots are manufactured in two ways that with generator and without generator. Generator type storage container, without electricity supply through generators; field, mountainous terrain, desert and so on. Fixed mounting and dismounting of the cold storage cost does not carry the risk of both panel deformation. Therefore that is portable is an ideal solution for operators with multiple storage areas. Military bases, fishing and rental companies container type stores are manufactured according to international transport standards and do not pose any problem during transport. Container-type cold storage + 15C / -50C produced as standard in the range, as well as multiple cold storage manufacturing is done in a container. Insulation types of storage containers due to the internal volume, track / cargo container is smaller than 10% compared to (for example, a piece of 40 / AGM when the container volume of 60.5 m3 and 56.8 m3 tank again 40 types of containers. Cold storage container type high efficiency, energy saving and ensures consistent work even in desert conditions.