Potato and Onion Storage Onions and potatoes are harvested to be stored in the warehouses is composedof living tissue. Live, these products are constantly breathing.Storage conditions and storage conditions do not meet the unconscious appliedventilation system, causes the activity of enzymes products. Enzymes, activitiessprouting in potatoes and onions occur as a result. Germination result of bacteriafound in potatoes and onions in cold storage, can lead to rot and smell.It causes the loss of products.Potato and onion varieties of products (seeds, roasting and so on.) By way ofdeposition also varies; masonry, stored in bags and deposit types.Potato and onion storage are projected to be installed by paying attentionto these criteria.Ventilation and humidification of the store is one of themost important issues. Places in where dampers place, Things will place thedamper, ventilation shape and duration should be projectedand appliedby an expert firm. The ventilation system should operate a fully automated PLC controlled.