Atmosphere controlled cold storage rooms; It can store more than preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables products, operators, product losses in storage is a storage form will be minimized. As we all know fruits and vegetables are collected after they resume their  development.This cold rooms, created an environment can not sustain the growth of vegetables andfruits.Controlled atmosphere provide a complete seal in the cold room. Doors specially generated, the panel joints of the cold room is isolated to provide a complete seal with the help of special chemicals. Very different from the normal cold room floor and ceiling, the application is made with a specialsealing chemicals. According to customer's request to the door, put the sight glass wall or on the ceiling; The status of the product is monitored through these windows. In atmosphere controlled cold storage rooms, depending on the type of products supplied after the temperature, oxygen (O²) is reduced to negligible levels. Fruit and vegetable pests ethylene (C²H4) and carbon dioxide (CO²) is absorbed in a cold room with the help of conservative and inward nitrogen generator and nitrogen (N) is given.During this process, nor what the product does not contain any harmful chemicals in the environment. This ensures that all transactions are made fresh and longer storage life of the product.