Cold storage is cooled in accordance with the requirements and conditions of controlled humidity conditions, the outer atmosphere stores are insulated against heat and moisture gain. The aim of cold storage; It remained unchanged as possible to provide a bapıl moisture. Humidity control is more difficult to control the temperature. Cold rooms with humidity, according to the type of product to be maintained, must be in the proper proportions. Therefore, controlling the humidity in cold room applications require to maintain this humidity level. Water quickly staling rate during the maintenance of high material / wrinkle control moisture to prevent the cooled volume should be especially careful. Humidifiers, Centrifugal Disc help to atomize and spray with water in case the water droplets of fog. It starts working with the water supply. Dampening the end does not occur because the bacteria can multiply rapidly in the water tank is completely empty and provides maximum hygiene. Humidifiers are generally; cold storage, fruit ripening process, rapid cooling systems, seeding rooms, used more intensively in sectors such as mushroom cultivation.