Pvc swinging and strip systems offer ideal solution for restructuring food businesses required for Turkish Food Codex. Especially in the food sector businessesPVC Door Systems is recommended for healthy and clean environment. PVC strip doorsoffer  the most economical solution  to protectpersonnel and goods from environmental impact such as hot, cold and air current. PVC which is used for doors has a brilliant transparency and a fairly good light transmission properties.It is proper for unlimited personnel and vehicle. It includes ultraviolet blocker which is providing resistance to sunlight and cracking on the product. Combustion of the productis prevented by adding flame retardant agent to the composition. PVC strip curtains have heat transfer intersecting and high moisture-retaining properties as volumes of largely. It is totally hygienic and easy to clean. Mounting accessories are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. It provides the ability to quickly and easily install all types of door systems. PVC strip curtains manufactured from flexible, transparent and has a good insulation.