This is the device which provide control and cool multiple coolers by one outdoor unit. It is preferred by markets and production facilities. In a centrel system store department stores, cold storage, processing areas are controlled and cooled by via a single outdoor unit. It is preferred especially in large markets and stores because it saves space. Semi-hermetic refrigeration equipment, scroll hermetic screw compressors are used in the center system cooling device. In the all central systems which are produced by us Oil level regulators, oil separator, oil tank, pressure switch with pressure, suction and discharge line drayer (cartridges are drier), compressor inlet-outlet check valves and ball valves are used as standard. The operation of the compressor and condenser fan in the system is performed by a microprocessor depending on the capacity of the information received from the sensors. Coming into play of compressors and setting their operating time is regulated automatically by the microprocessor. The initial investment cost of central system is low compared with individual cooling device. It provides space savings. It provides 25% to 30% energy savings and there is wide capacity range.