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Cold room built-in with around-the-clock off-grid storage can address the problem of post-harvest losses in food. Cold rooms are installed in various industrial places with a goal to extend the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items.

Industrial Cold Rooms of Atlas Cold 

Amid a number of industrial refrigeration systems solution providers, Atlas Cold is one of the pioneers in London’s refrigeration industry. At Atlas, we specialize in manufacturing, production, and installation of a wide range of cold rooms in various sectors. From small walk-in cold rooms to large temperature controlled distribution warehouses, we are one company whom you can rely on. We can provide you the best service every time.

When it comes to designing these industrial cold rooms, we pay special attention to multiple critical factors such as site conditions, project, and the clients’ own requirement and budget.

At Atlas Cold, we have expertise in the design, collection, construction, and installation of cooling systems or solutions that will meet the most complex requirements in storing perishable items. Each system is built on an infrastructure of compressors, condensers, evaporators and best controls to guarantee continuous and failure-free operation and preservation.

With years of experience, the company has gained a reputation of handling projects requiring design, supply, and installation of a refrigeration system and cold rooms in any applications.

A Wide Range in Cold Rooms and Walks in Refrigerating Solutions

In the industrial refrigeration sector, we offer continuity as the consumer's first choice, with the quality of services and products, and contribute to a more conscious society. We offer a wide range in cold rooms and walks in refrigerating solutions of high quality.

We serve industries who require refrigeration systems and provide services in almost all corners of the refrigeration chain from sales, manufacture, production, installation, and service after the sale of cold rooms, walk-in chillers, display chillers, frozen product displays, and counters, to fruit chiller displays and many.

The scope of our industrial range seems without any end, including chilled product storage and temperature controlled distribution stores.

Supreme Quality Industrial Cold Rooms

With an extensive service network, we ensure excellent quality service to our customers after the sale and continue to develop ourselves following cutting-edge technology.

We comprehend the importance of cold rooms for you. With the guidance, provision, and preservation, we always make sure that you will not encounter any unfriendly surprises.

Tailor-Made Design

When it comes to designing the cold room and the refrigeration system, every industry has unique needs. Considering this, we construct your cold storage solution or refrigerated warehouse as per your needs. With extensive experience in building cold rooms, we focus on finding a unique refrigeration solution that fits your business. Ensuring each system is custom-made according to the wishes of the customer, we also advise you what cold storage solution will best suit your product.

Trustworthy solutions are our trademark that’s why our clients come to us for solutions to their industrial cold room needs because they can expect nothing less than the best service from us; design, manufacture, and installation.

Since our inception, we are striving to meet the expectations of our customers, staffs, and investors at the highest level in the industry, regarding all individuals and society; adhering to the relevant standards of safety. If you’re looking for an industrial cold room, we can serve you well.

It is manufactured two different types in accordance with cold and frozed storage conditions. Condenser unit is designed specifically to be resistant to outdoor weather conditions. Thanks to the fans used in accordance with the quality and production certificate, volume in the outdoor unit is minimized. In order to facilitate wall mounting special suspension system is used. Under favour of this suspension, it provides ease both service and assembly. The control panel is used to control the system (DKP) provides ease to determine the degree of cold room and intervention by mounting to desired portion. With the fan control system which is one the biggest features of the system, high energy losses are prevented.