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For any retail business, shelving plays an important role, more so for temperature critical items like food and beverages. The cold room shelving is suitable for storing food and other perishable items. These shelves should be easy to clean and must not wear away for a long period of time.

Top Quality Cold Room Shelves for Sale in the UK from Atlas Cold!

When it comes to selecting the storage systems to store your food, it’s crucial to make an informed decision, as they have various health regulations applied. Never make compromise on the quality. Although high quality shelves may cost you more, but they are worth every single penny in the long run. They can give you peace of mind with its high-performing cooling capabilities.

For many decades, Atlas Cold has been a leading name in offering supreme quality Cold room Shelving and associated products for commercial and industrial clients. The company has grown to be one of the leading Cold room Shelving manufacturer and supplier. Atlas Cold produces Cold room Shelving and Hardware. Our prolonged existence in the Food Service Industry can be attributed to a philosophy of striving to consistently meet our customer’s demands of excellence, and value.

At Atlas Cold, we pride ourselves in offering supreme quality shelves that are designed to last for a long time. Our shelving options have easy maintenance features and are height adjustable. They can be installed without any tools.

Atlas Cold’s Shelving is a food-safe, Australian-made system specifically designed to use in cold rooms, commercial fridges & freezers, kitchens, liquor stores, dry store areas, general storage and more.

Advantages of Atlas Cold Shelving:

        High-quality and durable

        Come in steel or zinc finishes

        Fully adaptable and personalised to your business

        Easy to install and easy to maintain

        Accessories available to tailor your racks


High-Quality Cold room Shelving

We manufacture cold room shelves in the UK with quality high-impact plastic and supply them all over the globe to various market sectors. They are perfectly matched with the HACCP guidelines and well-known for its recognised performance and supreme quality. Each model in the series possesses strength, durability, and performance.

Corrosion-free Cold Room Shelving

What makes us stand out is our utmost care towards our customers. We only manufacture and supply cold room shelves that offer excellent protection against corrosion and weathering. Our cold room shelves, compared to others, can get you more shelf-life from your product and more value for money, ensuring your stock stays safe from infectivity. The high-quality plastic material is proven to last for many years.

Easy to install and maintain

What’s more, our shelves are easy to install and can permit airflow with its open holes and keep food items fresh. They are also incredibly easy to clean and easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe them up, or toss them in the dishwasher and they’ll be spotless.

Fully adaptable and personalised to your business

Regardless of your need in cold room shelves, we have got you covered with a system that will suit your business or home. Our supreme quality shelves are available at a competitive price range. They are heavy duty, long-lasting, and are configurable to suit both your budget and cool room requirements. Moreover, our storage units for cold rooms are suited to any business that stores foods for human consumption. Built to last for many years, our shelves are free-standing and fully adjustable for use in cold rooms and freezers. They are available in various sizes.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable cold room shelving solution, call us now!

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