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Remember, when it comes to making your mind up to buy walk-in cold rooms or panels, always spend your precious money carefully. It must be reliable, energy-efficient and perfect enough to keep food and other perishable items at the perfect temperature. If you need consistent, durable and energy-efficient cold room panel to be installed on your commercial premises, Atlas Cold is your best bet.

Cool Room Panels Suppliers, Manufacturer, and Sale in the UK 

If you are in dire need of a durable Cold Room Insulation Panels or a cold room built with the highest quality materials, we can help you. Our cold room panels are fast becoming popular, and prove extremely useful for numerous applications.

Atlas Cold prides itself in manufacturing and supplying quality Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, and Refrigeration Solutions. Specialized in the building of cold rooms, we offer a professional solution to keep your perishable items intact.

We manufacture, supply, repair, and install insulated panels for cold rooms. Using recognized materials for a finished product, we allow efficient delivery of quality items that our clients can be certain of. For many years, our panels continue to be the panel of choice for the cold chain and are developed to cater for temperature controlled environments.

As the leading Cool Room Panels Suppliers with years of experience, we can offer supreme quality Cold Room Insulation Panels. In addition to provide reliable panels, we also offer support for the planning and realization of your project. Rest assured on our Cold Room Panels Manufacturer; We can arrange everything including transport and assembly.

In addition to supreme quality, our cold storage panels also provide:

Superior Thermal Efficiency

Our cold room panels have excellent energy-saving properties. Our cold storage design interconnection system brings down the loss of heat, often prevailing in more complex designs. Furthermore, our panels actually upsurge in R-value as temperatures maintaining R-values. Our panels, unlike other cold storage panels that lose thermal resistance over time, maintain thermal resistance and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, providing customers with greater peace of mind.

Variety of Dimensions

Our panels are made as per customers’ needs. Our manufacturers can design panels in any desired length and to each job’s specific tolerance requirements, allowing us to meet the most demanding project requirements.

Ease of Installation

Atlas Cold’s insulated panels are not only superior in quality but also easy to install. Our freezer panels simply slide into place and are easily protected by the building's steel structure, allowing installation much faster than general construction times, saving you time and money.

What’s more, each panel is manufactured with water-resistant faces and when installed the insulation is completely condensed by metal trim, creating an impervious membrane on the panel. With these panels, you can efficiently insulate your cold room. The insulation thickness contributes to saving energy costs and help business in maintaining a high level of hygiene, ensuring products are stored in a clean and controlled environment.

Get Your Hands on Cold Storage Panels for Sale at Atlas Cold

Atlas Cold can provide you stock articles and special offers that suit your needs. We can offer you tailor-made cold room panels for sale as per your desired thickness, length, color and the core material you require. We can also guide you about the best cold room insulation panels so that you can make a better decision. All you have to tell us is about your requirements and wait for a little to get your desired panels delivered to you.

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